Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Less than four months ago I decided to publicly display my lack of athletic ability for three reasons:

  1. I thought it would help with fund-raising 
  2. I thought it would keep me from quitting and
  3. my friend Claudia told me I should blog the experience.
There have been many, many times in the last three months that I have wanted to quit.  Many.  But if I did, everyone would know that not only am I bad at running, I'm also a quitter.  So, thanks for keeping me running.

I had a bad run today in the midst of a busy day.  I forgot to eat breakfast and missed my morning tea.  I'll try again tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be the last run before the race.  

Today is Ash Wednesday.  I like Fat Tuesday a lot better, but I guess everyday can't be about gluttony (unless you live in America).  I love the structure the church calendar gives to my life: a season to reflect on joy and hope, a season to reflect on lament and repentance, and a season of "ordinary time."  Matt and I went to Fuller's Ash Wednesday service today, which was outside and beautiful.  After a poetically beautiful sermon and the imposition of ashes, we sang this song:

We must go live to feed the hungry
Stand beside the broken
We must go
Stepping forward keep us from just singing
Move us into action
We must go

To act justly everyday
Loving mercy in every way
Walking humbly before You God

Metaphors of walking and running now have a new meaning for me.  My mind has tied running and moving forward with justice and peace.  I realize I'm not changing the world by running a race.  But I am changing me.  

I have $696 to raise to meet my goal.  If you can, please consider giving to change the world of a girl who desperately needs it.

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