Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh, the Stress

I was feeling okay about this whole race deal until I got sick.  I don't get sick often and am not pleased with the timing of this illness.  Why didn't I agree to a movie watching marathon?  Or a candy eating marathon?  I would be great at those.

I was just doing a little searching looking for how many calories running a half marathon would burn (just to get an idea of the energy expenditure).  I came across this anxiety producing gem "The death rate while jogging is about seven times higher than the death rate while sedentary."  Of course that's from the LiveStrong website, so who knows if it's true.

In effort to name and deal with the stress, I'm going to list the things that I'm worried about as of now, I'm sure google searches will produce more anxiety as the race day approaches.  In no particular order, I am scared of:

  • rabid dogs on the course
  • being picked up by the pace car
  • not meeting the fundraising goal
  • that my sinuses will still be filled with snot 
  • not eating/drinking the right things while running
  • not liking the music that's playing on the course
  • falling on my face
  • passing out
  • rabid cats on the course
  • having to make small talk while running
  • finishing last
  • not finishing
  • not knowing how to eat/drink/consume the gel
  • rabid squirrels on the course
  • not being able to find my family/ride home after it's over and having to walk the 2 miles home
  • not having cool enough clothes/hair  (it's the Rock n Roll Half-Marathon)
  • that I haven't trained enough (I know this to be the case)
  • and thanks to the LiveStrong site, death

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