Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Run with Eleanor

I have a cold.  Last week Charlotte (the three year old) got pink eye.  Her pediatrician would not simply call in drops, so I had to take her to germland (much like Disneyland, but with fewer rides).  Two days after the visit, Charlotte's eyes were all better, but she started running a fever...and the snot, oh the snot. Charlotte, ever the generous child, has shared her affliction with Matt and me.  So, thank you Dr. Iwantyourmoney, for this gift you have given our family.

I decided to attempt a run this morning despite the snot.  Every once in a while when I am headed out for a run I ask Eleanor (the seven year old) if she wants to go.  She always says no, until today.  We took off, her on her scooter, me on foot.  I stuck a piece of flannel in my running belt thing to use as a handkerchief.

This run was actually quite enjoyable.  Eleanor was delightful.  She did get thirsty, so we stopped at a Starbucks and bought a bottle of water (I should have planned better where we would go by parks with water fountains).  It was a short (about 2.5 miles) run and somewhat slow, but what I needed for today.

I'm more than a little stressed about this race being only two weeks away.  I've started having the anxiety dreams--where I show up in the wrong shoes, where I'm trying to get to the starting line but can't find it, where I'm running the wrong way, where I fall down and break my arm but finish the race anyway like that gymnast.  You know, the usual dreams one has when facing a race they are completely unprepared for.  I've never run a race before of any sort.  Is there racing etiquette I should know?  The form said that there are stations for water and gatoraide set up along the course and one station with "gel."  I only hope this is hair gel.  Because by mile 8, I'm sure that's what I'll need.

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