Saturday, February 16, 2013


I had a good run yesterday, slow, but steady.  For the first time this week, my stomach calmed down.  The stress settled there again this morning, but I think I'll be okay.

I'm hopeful today.  I'm glad that this will be over by this time tomorrow.  Tonight we have a carb-heavy dinner with all Oasis team.  I'm thankful that they let me (a non-runner) join them.  This experience has been ever so good for me (and not just for my health).

I took Charlotte to the library today.  As we were walking home, she got distracted by some rocks.  About 10 minutes into her play, I got bored and checked my email.  I had several donation notifications.  If I've done my math right, the goal has been reached.  (The on-line site will not let me enter the donations that people have given me as checks, so it doesn't quite match up.)  

I am overwhelmed with how many people have joined me in this goal.  I have been encouraged daily by people telling me they are cheering for me, by people donating to the cause, by motivational pictures that my mom texted me.  This morning I woke to Eleanor and Charlotte practicing their cheers, "Run, Mommy Run!" and "Run faster!".  The race course goes within a couple blocks of our house, so I'm hoping they will come cheer for me there and then meet me at the finish line, because I'm pretty sure I'll make it there.

I am incredibly grateful for the 24+ people who have donated financially.  I am incredibly grateful for the people who have said they will pray for me tomorrow (7:45am- 10:45ish am Pacific Time).  I think I can do this.  Thank you friends.  

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