Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Milestone

Tonight as I was getting to the Rose Bowl a Facebook alert popped up on my phone.  I looked at it and saw that a friend (another non-runner) has been inspired to partake in the fine art of torture that is running.  She said that she had run 17 minutes today.  My thought process went something like this: I don't think I've ever run 17 minutes straight.  I wonder if I can.  I think I can.  I'll do that.

Then this funny thing happened.  I started running around the Rose Bowl and just never stopped (I did stop half a mile in to stretch out my leg, but no walking).  I was working on pacing tonight and it was amazing how easy it was to run the full 3 miles.  Not too long ago, I was looking at the data from my app and realized that I'm running way faster than I can maintain (7-9min/mile) which leads to needing to walk.  So, with my phone in hand, I watched my pace as I ran tonight.  I averaged a 13 minute mile, which I realize is very slow.  I wasn't even winded most of the time and my leg didn't cramp (the two things that usually inspire a walking break).  It's amazing how much pacing makes a difference.

I'm not sure how much the cocktail of homeopathic remedies and drugs that I've been ingesting affected this evening's run.  I woke up this morning with much less snot and a much less sore throat.  I think I'm going to survive.  I may even make it all 13.1 miles.

Graph from run last week

Graph from today's run

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